DIY Forklift Manlift Basket

Constructing a man-lift to utilize with a forklift is like taking a wooden pallet and constructing a wall to fit around it. What makes it unique are the obligatory characteristics that must be incorporated with guarantee the workers’ safety. Wood might be utilized provided that it is solid enough to safely uphold the weight of the workers and equipment. Make a point to study the neighborhood laws legislating man-lifts before you begin to manufacture yours.


  1. Cut five bits of 2-inch-by-4-inch planking down to 48 inches each in length. Place two pieces on the deck parallel to one another with the 2-inch side challenging up. Nail one of the plywood areas on highest point of them with the 2-inch-by-4-inch boards covering up with the left and right edge of the plywood. Position and nail down two more 2-by-4 boards parallel to the outside boards, leaving simply enough space for the forklift fork to fit in. Nail in the final board running down the center for backing. Turn it over and nail the remaining 3/4-inch plywood piece to that side.
  2. Cut and gather the railings utilizing the 2-inch-by-4-inch wood boards. Cut four posts that are every 42 inches in length. Screw one into every corner of the base you only made with no less than three screws for every post. Measure, cut and screw the top railings into position to fit onto the back, left and right side of the manlift. Measure, cut and fasten place a second set of rails to fit between the posts at a tallness of two feet from the deck. Append the way to the front right side post. Measure, cut and fasten two railing pieces place to fit from the inverse corner to the entryway. one on every side. Instate the entryway bolting system.
  3. Cut four pieces measuring 48 inches each from the 2-inch-by-6-inch boards for the foot protects of the platform. Screw the sheets to the railings along the platform surface with the 2-inch side challenging up. Cut the non-slide tread to fit the platform and nail it into position.
  4. Screw the eye catches to the back corners of the railing. Join a speedy connection to one end of the chain. Drive the forklift into position in the man-lift. Append the chain with the speedy connection to the left eye catch. Run the chain around the back of the forklift watchman. Append a snappy connection to the right-side eye catch. Stretch the fasten to the fast connection to figure out where to cut the chain. There shouldn’t be any slack on the chain once it is all associated with hold the platform set up on the forks.
  5. Make a mark out of a scrap bit of wood that unmistakably states how numerous individuals might be on the man-lift. It might as well additionally state the most extreme weight that it can safely hold. Connect it to the railing on the outside for the purpose that it might be effortlessly viewed.