How to Empty a Propane Tank

Propane tanks could be utilized for everything from driving forklift trucks to giving high temperature for a barbecue. Since propane is a combustible gas, some individuals feel its safer to exhaust all hints of propane from a tank once the levels run excessively flat to essentially utilization. This practice makes it safer to transport or store the tanks until they’re refilled with additional propane. Much of the time, the whole technique takes no longer than a couple of minutes to finish.


  1. Detach the propane tank from any hoses or connections and carry the tank to an outside location. The tank ought not be inside 10 feet of any trees, bushes or edifices as the propane may feasibly harm anything it touches.
  2. Put on a couple of calfskin gloves to ensure your hands from the propane.
  3. Position the tank so the valve focuses sideways.
  4. Open the valve until you can no longer turn the handle. Stand once again until you no longer see or catch the propane shooting out of the tank.
  5. Shut the valve once the sum of the propane is out of the tank.