How to Remove an Industrial Lift Truck Battery

A modern lift truck is ordinarily implied as a forklift. The aforementioned drivable machines are utilized to lift heavy objects. Like a golf truck, they run on a battery. This is an exceptionally substantial battery located in a compartment on the outside of the unit. Assuming that you need to swap a forklift battery, you will remove the one as of now in it.


  1. Carry your two forklifts to an unobstructed zone. Place the plastic blankets over the metal terminals on highest point of the battery you mean to remove. This will avert the chain or guides from going into contact with the terminals.
  2. Unplug the cables running from the sides of the battery to the forklift.
  3. Join the C catches at every close of the bind to the opening on the sides of the battery.
  4. Bring down the forks of the forklift and carry them as one.
  5. Place the chain over the forks as near the back of the forklift as could reasonably be expected.
  6. Lift the battery out of the forklift and use your spotter to update you as often as possible about how the technique is going.
  7. Push the forklift far from the one requiring the battery and bring down the battery to the ground.