How to Transfer Plastic Pallets to Wood Pallets

Materials and parts are frequently dispatched to warehouses or organizations on delicate plastic pallets. You can regularly distinguish them by the impressive sum of clear plastic wrap encompassing the merchandise to secure them as one. Situations emerge when the plastic is removed. The pallets will every so often breakdown, leaving it difficult to get the forks of a forklift underneath. Assuming that you exchange plastic pallets to wood, you can then move the delicate plastic pallets around at whatever place at at whatever time with a forklift.


  1. Lay the two bars over a wooden pallet parallel to one another, 28 inches separated.
  2. Begin up your forklift. There are three levers on a forklift. Pull once again on the lever closest your form to lift the forks 3 inches off the ground. Prod forward on the lever the most distant from your form to tilt the front of the forks descending until the tip of the forks touch the ground or concrete.
  3. Drive the forklift to the plastic pallet and focus the forks under it. Drive forward until the forks infiltrate the distance under the pallet and rise out the other side. Pull over on the first lever to lift the pallet 6 inches off the ground.
  4. Drive the forklift to the wooden pallet. Focus the plastic pallet on the pillars. Pull once again on the lever closest you and raise the plastic pallet until it is above the pillars on the wooden pallet.
  5. Drive forward until the plastic pallet is focused above the wooden bars and stop. Prod forward on the lever closest you, letting the plastic pallet drop tediously and stop moving on the bars. Put the forklift in reverse and pull out tediously, leaving the plastic pallet on highest point of the wooden pallet.